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The food and restaurant scene in Seattle, Washington, is thriving and satisfying the cravings of both residents and visitors alike. With diverse restaurant options, large food markets such as the famous Pike Place Market, and of course, the birthplace of Starbucks, food lovers can eat their way through Seattle and try both local and international cuisines.Seattle's notorious food scene started with the World's Fair in 1962. It introduced delicious international cuisine, with Belgian waffles being the most popular. Residents fell in love with German, Mexican, Thai, French, Creole, Korean, Japanese, and more cuisines. The iconic Space Needle restaurant resulted from the World's Fair.Seattle locals became more excited and adventurous with their diets and food that international restaurants began popping up around the city and even resulting in the building of Piers 50 and 51 to be lined with exotic places to eat.The most authentic way to experience the culinary history of Seattle is to be invited to the kitchen of a local. There, you can taste generations-old recipes that have evolved to adapt to the ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. From Shef Tirhas's Ethiopian Chicken Stew to Shef Samuel's Salvadorian Papusas – this is the taste of Seattle.