The Story of Homemade

Let’s explore the many benefits of homemade meals.

High-Quality Ingredients

What all the best homemade meals have in common is the the fresh, humble ingredients that go into them. They’re often surprisingly simple, yet impressively delicious. Cooks on Shef regularly adjust their menus based on what vegetables and other ingredients are in season, and many choose freshly ground spices over pre-ground bulk spices, giving their dishes a much more intense depth of flavor.

Minimal Sodium & Fat

In addition to the use of high-quality ingredients, homemade meals tend to have less ingredients that are generally considered unhealthy. By purposely omitting or limiting excess butter, creams, oils and salt, the dishes better highlight the distinct flavors of their main ingredients.

The dishes prepared by cooks on Shef are often the same ones they’re preparing for their own families and loved ones. That’s how you know it’s food you can feel good about, full of high-quality, nourishing ingredients. 

More Unique & Complex

Too many ethnic restaurants in the United States are one-dimensional. Even the best stick to common preparations of westernized dishes to appeal to wider audiences.

Cooks on Shef have a more customizable, personalized way of cooking. They showcase dishes from specific subregions of various countries. Dishes like Sindhi Dal Pakwan or Kalam Polo Shirazi. The menus change from week to week to give you more variety and introduce you to novel traditional dishes you have probably never tasted before.

Homemade dishes are often more nuanced than streamlined restaurant versions. Intricate recipes are passed down through generations and perfected by years of family tradition. You can taste that these traditional dishes were made slowly, with care, history, and intention. The food represents the people who make it, so you end up with dishes as interesting and unique as the people behind them.

Sense of Intimacy & Nostalgia

The United States is a giant melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. If you find yourself far from family, there’s nothing like a comforting homemade meal to remind you of home. Our community of shefs includes many immigrants representing nearly 100 countries around the world.  

For many, authentic homemade dishes evoke an intense sense of nostalgia — bringing you back to childhood memories of the dinner table. Homemade food is so powerful that way. The scent alone can instantly transport you to another place and time.

The experience of sharing a homemade meal is an intimate one. Sharing homemade food is an act of love that brings people together and creates a sense of community and support, and it’s this special experience that our community of talented shefs hopes to share with customers across the country.