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One thing hasn't changed about LA since its founding in 1781. The countless taco trucks and burrito bars are your first hint, and the scent of chilies roasting in the warm breeze gives it away. When the Spanish rode up from Mexico to lay claim to Los Angeles, the food culture of Latin America was coming with them.The Second Great Migration in the 1940s and 50s brought soul food to southern California from Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana. They introduced beautifully complex spice blends, BBQ sauces, Creole dishes, and Caribbean flavors, and helped birth LA's obsession with hot sauce.Food culture continued to transform in the 1960s and 1970s as a mass influx of American war refugees from Korea and Vietnam arrived. Political refugees from Southeast Asia followed, and civil war refugees from Latin America after that. Because these immigrant neighborhoods were packed so tightly together, creative flavors began to pop up everywhere. Hybrid-style tacos, Korean BBQ, and dumplings of all shapes and flavors.Today, the Alta-California cuisine of Los Angeles merges native culinary history with the early days of San Francisco. It's about utilizing ingredients like sweet potatoes and sea urchins and putting them on a tostada. It also pays homage to the long and hot history of spice purveyors that has helped shape the unique and spicy flavors of Los Angeles.The only place to experience the many cultures, histories, and foods of Los Angeles is at the dinner table of locals. At Shef, you are invited to those tables where you can taste generations-old recipes that have evolved to incorporate the native ingredients of Southern California. From Shef Suz's Nepalese Momo's to Shef Adriana's Nicaraguan Beef Empanadas – this is the taste of Los Angeles.