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Food for us comes from our relatives, whether they have wings or fins or roots. That is how we consider food. Food has a culture. It has a history. It has a story. It has relationships.

– Winona LaDuke

Global Cuisines

Learn About Home Cooking Around the World!

Have you ever dreamt of recreating an authentic dish you love from another culture? Sourcing hard-to-find ingredients for the perfect Pad Thai, a fabulous Fatoush, or a mouthwatering Mole can be a challenge. Getting the flavors and traditional techniques right takes a lifetime of first-hand experience.

Reconnecting with the globally inspired dishes you’ve been missing isn’t just about finding ingredients and following recipes. It goes deeper than that. It’s about tapping into culinary wisdom passed down through generations.

Shef connects you to the international community of talented cooks in your area, bringing the dishes you crave right to your doorstep. From the furthest reaches of the globe to your kitchen table, there’s a world of taste and tradition waiting to be discovered.

Shef is flavor that takes you places.

Popular Cuisines

Turkish Cuisine

Lebanese Cuisine

Israeli Cuisine

Egyptian Cuisine

Nigerian Cuisine

South African Cuisine

Berber Cuisine

West African Cuisine

Australian Cuisine

New Zealand Cuisine

Micronesian Cuisine

Polynesian Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Hong Kong Cuisine

Korean Cuisine

West Indian Cuisine

South Indian Food

Goan Cuisine

Kerala Cuisine

Other Popular Cuisines from Around the World (and your neighborhood)

Popular Authentically Cooked Dishes

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Salad Bowls


Best Family Dishes

Dumplings (from around the world!)





Most Popular on Shef

Butter Chicken


Pad Thai

Chile Relleno

Chicken Biryani

Top Sharing Dishes


Dim sum




Authentically Homemade Cooked Meals Delivered

The Story of Homemade

Not only is homemade better for you, but we believe that it tastes better too.

Let’s explore how homemade meals from our community of shefs compare to restaurant food in terms of health benefits, taste, and more.

Food Safety

Our community of shefs care deeply about the people they’re cooking for. The majority of shefs are moms that have spent years cooking for their own families, with their wellbeing front of mind. That being said, your trust is our #1 priority, so we’ve implemented strict food safety protocols to give you extra peace of mind. Read more about our food safety policy here.

Why Authentic is Hard to Find!

As a nation, the United States is a melting pot of global cultures. So why is it that you find the same dishes in Italian restaurants and Indian restaurants no matter where you are? While there are many reasons why authentic food is hard to find, there are a few prevalent reasons. Let’s explore them, shall we?

Shef delivers in many locations around the US, including the major metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco (The Bay Area), Chicago, New York City, and Seattle!

Shef is also available in limited areas for pickup. Search on our homepage by ZIP code and see if you can order fresh, authentic food from one of our hundreds of Shef’s around the country!

Our Shefs. Our Stories.

Every Shef Has a Story!

The beauty in a homemade meal is that it has the ability to tell a story. When people cook with patience and passion, the end result is a dish that acts as a piece of artwork, a beautiful reflection of the artist who created it. Food that’s every bit as unique and interesting as the story behind the shef that made it.

The Story of Shef

At Shef, we’re rebuilding the food system from scratch, redefining who can participate in the food economy, and returning personal connection to the making, eating, and sharing of food.