The health + safety of our community will always come first

Our community of shefs care deeply about the people they’re cooking for and always put food safety first. In the four years since we delivered our first order, we have expanded to serve more than 70 million people in 10 states and counting.

Every shef on our platform is

Food Safety Certified

All shefs are required to pass an ANSI-accredited food safety certification exam and undergo a food quality assessment. Shefs are required to follow all state and local laws regarding home cooking. More information can be found in the Responsible Cooking Guidelines

Prior to selling on Shef

Every shef is required to successfully pass an accredited food safety certification.

What safety protocol at Shef looks like

1. Every shef is required to wear a face mask, hairnet, and gloves while cooking.
2. Every shef is required to use a thermometer to take their temperature prior to food preparation.

Anyone who is feeling sick, who has a temperature above CDC guidelines (100.4° F), or exhibits any other COVID-19 symptoms is asked to inform us so that we can remove them from the platform until it is safe for them to return in accordance with CDC guidance.

Ongoing food safety education

Our team works closely to support shefs on their journeys as food entrepreneurs, this means providing information and resources on best safety practices.