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Central African Cuisine

Traditional Central African Food

Central Africa is home to the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest. It follows the Congo River Basin, bordering 10 Central to West Africa countries. The humid weather offers the right conditions for growing cassava, yams, millet, corn, and bananas. Chicken dishes are ubiquitous, like Chicken Nyembwe, Muamba, and Igisafulia.

Includes: Cameroon / Central African Republic / Chad / Congo Republic – Brazzaville / Democratic Republic of Congo / Equatorial Guinea / Gabon / São Tomé & Principe

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.” Oscar Wilde

Central African Food

The starchy properties of cassava are ideal for making Kwanga, a bread-like dumpling from the Democratic Republic of Congo wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. These, along with fufu, are served with stews of tomatoes, peppers, chillis, onions, peanut butter and proteins like grilled chicken, goat, wild game, or fish. Banana leaves are also used to steam fish for Maboké de Capitaine, and the banana is reserved for Klako, a sweet, deep-fried fritter that’s eaten for breakfast or dessert.

The African continent is full of flavors, and the spices and techniques will vary wherever you go. From the rich and fragrant spices of North Africa to the European and Malaysian flavors of South Africa, it’s a culinary mishmash of delights. A taste of Africa is truly a culinary tour through history, starting from civilization’s cradle.

Central African Food

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