Bột Chiên (Fried Vietnamese Rice Cakes)

Vietnam street Food ( mon an duong pho ) Fried flour ( Bot Chien Trung ) with egg, oil and green onion in the black frying pan.

Walking along the streets of Ho Chi Minh, hungry street food eaters are met with the wafting aroma of fried bột chiên. The pan-fried Vietnamese rice cakes are crispy on the outside and creamy and fluffy on the inside — indulgent and greasy in all the right ways. Bột chiên exudes the depth of complexity in Vietnamese cuisine, and it’s no surprise that this dish has found its way to street carts all across the bustling cities of Vietnam.

How to Make Bột Chiên

To begin, rice flour cakes are deep-fried until golden brown. Then, the cakes are topped with fluffy eggs to bind and emulsify. While the eggs are still perfectly runny, the dish is shoveled onto plates and topped with fresh herbs and scallions. Sometimes, street vendors will add deep-fried pork skin cracklings for extra textural-umami.

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