Why Ethiopian Ful Is Beloved in Seattle

Ful Medames or Fava Beans in black bowl at grey backdrop. Foul Mudammas is a Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Eritrean, Israeli cuisines breakfast dish of cooked beans with cumin, tomatoes, parsley

Ful, a popular breakfast stew loaded with fresh ingredients and nutrient-rich vegetables, is a traditional Ethiopian dish worth getting to know. It can be found in Ethiopian restaurants around the world, and Seattle is no different: you can find this hearty stew in Ethiopian restaurants and cafes all over the city.

While many Middle Eastern countries serve their own variation of ful, the Ethiopian version is known for its rich, bold spiciness. The recipe begins with a base of tomatoes, garlic, and red onions, which are simmered on low heat until cooked to perfection. Then, the main event comes in: fava beans! Fava beans are a creamy, earthy, and nutty legume used all across Ethiopian cuisine. As the stew reduces, various spices and freshly boiled eggs are added to the dish. The final result is a spicy, umami-rich stew that will energize anyone for the day ahead.

Ready to give it a try? Order Shef Tirhas’ version, which is topped with onions, tomatoes, serrano chilies, eggs, and feta cheese, and served with two mini loaves of bread.

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