A Taste of Latin American Cuisine in Seattle

Two carne asada tacos with cilatro and onion on corn tortillas.

Did you know that the largest minority group in Washington state are persons of Latino origin? In Seattle, about 6.6 percent of the city’s diverse population is made up of the Latin American community.

The origins of the Latin American community in Seattle starts post-World War II, when rural Latino families began migrating to the city to take advantage of the booming post-war economy. Political turbulence in South and Central America in the 1970s and 80s also brought many new communities from Latin America to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Because of this, the Latin American community has grown significantly in Seattle. In South Park, for instance, numerous Latin American restaurants, markets, and food businesses are thriving. The neighborhood even holds an annual Fiestas Patrias parade in September, where the community gets together to celebrate with music, dancing, and festival traditions. There are also many other fun annual holidays celebrated around the city, including Cinco de Mayo and Dia de Muertos.

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